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Happy holidays to all!


As we approach the end of 2020, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families all the best for the coming year. 2020 has brought significant change, and while it has proven to be unexpected, each one of us have adapted our lifestyles to meet the new demands. Many of us are beginning to turn our attention to the promise of a new year, and a new set of resolutions.

Simple Strategies To Save On Your Mortgage

Buying a house is usually the most significant investment decision anyone ever makes. Owning a house also tends to have an outsized impact on a person's overall financial strategy during their lifetime. Buying wisely and choosing the right debt strategy can get you mortgage-free faster. By just following a few simple strategies, you could live in the home of your dreams, shave years off your amortization and save tens of thousands of dollars in interest.

Moving For a New Job? Consider the Costs

A job change is no longer just about higher pay or a better title. It can also be about achieving a healthier life balance or simply trying something new. In many cases, a new job includes relocating to a new community. A new opportunity can be very exciting, but even the most positive change comes with financial implications, especially when a move is involved. It’s good to understand the unexpected costs around relocating. A little knowledge can help you capitalize on the momentum of your new role without compromising your overall financial plan.

Around The Office - October 2020

The beginning of October marks the transition into fall, and while we will miss the warmth and long days of summer, there are some things to look forward to during the fall, including new TV shows and movies. In this month's edition of "Around the Office", we will be listing a selection of favourite TV shows and movies as recommended by the staff of Kinzie Financial.

Put Your Eggs In Many Baskets

When their investment savings plummeted in the 2001 stock market crash, Adam and Sonya were concerned, but not panicked. Retirement was a long way out, so they had plenty of time to recover. The couple decided to try their hand at 'timing the market' (buying and selling stocks based on expected market fluctuations) to recover their losses. "We thought that if we stayed on top things and could chart when the market would go up and down, we could make our money back," says Adam.